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Since the day of Internet Censorship (or Internet-pocalipse) is upon us…

…please know that if this thing goes through and everything starts shutting down,I’ll miss you all. The people that followed me,the people I follow,the anons I’ve had the honor of talking to.

Just…be careful out there guys. I’m sure even if this thing did pass,there’d be a Supreme Court hearing faster than you can say “Blacklist Bill”,but just in case…

; 3; I’ll miss you all so much if this thing goes through…Tumblr has been so much fun these past few months I’ve been on.

All I know is,I’ll keep on fighting against this act until the very end. I hope that you all will too. And if we’re all separated from here,Twitter,and other sites,please know that even if I’ve never spoken to you or met you,you are my friend in the big world we call the Internet.

Keep fighting,and keep dreaming


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